We are excited to launch Dream Big Teepees in
Cape Town, South Africa.

I’m Angella Lyons, a mom of two gorgeous daughters who absolutely love sleepovers, so I decided to create a uniquely designed party service, offering an opportunity for an unforgettable experience!

Being a teacher has encouraged me to create pockets of spaces for kids to enjoy imaginative and active play with their friends or families, in our awesome teepees.  What better way, than a magical sleepover or picnic celebrating together or just a fun time out or inside your home.

I love attention to detail, as I feel that’s what makes us so extraordinary!  We have five unique themes which have been carefully thought out and creatively planned, making your child’s special day a magical and unforgettable experience. `

For those children who are too young for sleepovers, we offer a picnic service incorporating any of our teepees themes with our creatively designed table settings.

We look forward to making your child’s dreams and imaginations come to life. Contact us.